Organ transplant

The various procedures in Organ transplant include Liver transplant, Kidney transplant, Heart transplant, Lungs transplant, Bone Marrow transplant etc. Know More

Cardiac treatments

In Cardiology the treatments offered are Angioplasty, By-Pass surgery, Pace maker implantation, Congenital heart diseases etc. Know More

Orthopedics Icon


Various surgeries in Orthopaedics include Knee replacement, Hip Replacement, Hand and Shoulder surgery, Elbow surgery, Foot and Ankle surgery etc. Read More

Neuro & Spine

Neuro and Spine procedures include Neuro Surgery, Brain Tumors, Spine Fusion, Aneurysms, Spinal Tumors, Laminectomy etc. Know More



Treatments for fertility problems in women will include IVF and Artificial insemination (IUI – IntraUterine Insemination). Know More

Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery

Common cosmetic procedures are Bariatric surgery (Weight Loss surgery), Breast Augmentation / Reduction, Liposuction, Face lift surgery, Rhinoplasty, Cosmetic laser surgery, Hair Transplant etc. Read More

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About MediGuardians

If you are planning for an inexpensive medical treatment then you couldn't have come to a better place! We are MediGuardians and we take pride in introducing ourselves as a facilitator of all medical treatments in India. Be it Angioplasty, Knee surgery, Hip replacement, transplants or any other surgery you want. Our association with leading healthcare groups in India enables us to arrange specialized treatments by the best of doctors and comfortable stays according to your budgets.The team at Mediguardians is highly professional when it comes to patient's care.

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MediGuardians can assist in arranging for local travel and stay as per your requirements. All the options and costs involved will be duly shared with you before final booking is done. For more information please read FAQ’s.

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My Dad was unable to move without wheel chair because of his Knee problem. But all that seems in past now. I have just invested his 2 weeks for knee replacements in Delhi. Thanks to MediGuardians team for taking care of us all along.

Wasim Khan

I was really impressed with MediGuardians team especially with the fact that they gave me options of hospitals to choose from and everything was really transparent. Getting in touch with MediGuardians was the beginning of my dream for medical liberty. I confidently travelled to India and returned medically satisfied. Thank you.

James Peter